On Manic Depression And Unanswered Questions

For the next two weeks I avoided going to college like it’s my job. You don’t particularly enjoy it especially when it reminds you of everything that has failed in your life. Especially the time of a long-buried past when my parents named me something asinine and forced me into marriage at 18; then my… Continue reading On Manic Depression And Unanswered Questions

Light Breezes

Things I wish I had heard when I was a kid

We get nostalgic at the most unexpected times. When I was digging through the playlists in my old mp3, I had that moment listening to Pink’s ‘Conversation with my 13 year old self’. Grabbed the old photos and I started relishing the photographed memories. How I wish I can relive those moments again! How I… Continue reading Things I wish I had heard when I was a kid


A Silence between two teardrops

As the reels of the car move forward, her memories were unfurling like a nuclear fission in all  possible directions. The air conditioner could seal off the blazing sun outside, Can the same be done to the thousands of volcanoes erupting inside? The day eventually came, like a blow to the pride. She cannot cope… Continue reading A Silence between two teardrops