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Ahem, Vin hates handbags

Okay so, in the past few weeks I started going to my office, I realized my unfathomable hatred for carrying a handbag. Wonder who invented those big/small/medium square/rectangle/whatevershapeitcomes to carry it all around the shoulders for women. I hate it how it became like a symbol for every woman going to a job. Oh resist it totally!

Today I had to explain to a surprised and open mouthed colleague who asked me why don’t I have that stupid thing hanging on my shoulder how tedious is to carry a handbag everywhere you go: bus, shopping malls, to the next room like you have all your emergency kits stuffed in it like an apocalypse can happen anytime. Or clutching the handbag like it contains a 100 million dollar contract.

I don’t even know why I even decided to write a story on this. Perhaps I am too frustrated with all the girls and women who go gaga on those designer bags and needed to vent. When I start to think deeper I realize these handbag culture is something which is pushed onto the women. Think ladies (gets on to the stage, this story can look a bit stupid for now but try to think like me!) if men do not have a necessity for a handbag, why do most of the people visualize a classy woman always going out with a handbag or a purse? Why are there no pockets in woman’s dress,typically? So a woman must have a handbag, and always rely on something to hang on or clutch on even if she is just going down the street to a supermarket >:| Bad!
I think I can even write my own thesis if I have to write all these things running in my mind. Needless I dont like publicity much!

I have nothing against the handbag or the coach you carry nor do I have a past life vengeance against its manufacturers. But don’t look at me weird when I say I don’t like to carry your big or medium sized bags, whatsoever how expensive it is.

Pfff so yeah if there is any feminist out there who thinks that handbags are the chains which is a barrier to woman’s freedom, come join hands with me! We have those radiant and striking drawstring and messenger bags when we need. Anything which does not restrict our hands to keep a hang of it out of every 10 seconds must be worshipped. According to me.

*Written November 26, 2013


3 thoughts on “Ahem, Vin hates handbags

  1. Vin, I definitely hate handbags.. You are right! It has become a compulsive symbol for working women. These handbags aren’t too helpful. They can’t(rather, shouldn’t to prevent awkward bulging) carry anything large. They give shoulder aches. Women can’t stoop low or extend our hands without the handbag rolling down from our shoulders. And they are crazily colored.
    I take instance liking to women with “no handbags” ideal.
    Kudos to you for this article 😀

    1. Thank you Aadhirai! I agree wholeheartedly. Very comforting to know that there are people like me 😉 And yes, handbags with awkward bulging, it irritates so much when it invades into others territories… experienced alot in crowded buses 😛

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