Light Breezes

Time to say ‘hi’

As the title says.. Hi!
First of all, I am not much into writing down impressionable introductions as I don’t feel comfortable writing my own experiences. Probably I don’t think I have anything worthwhile to share. So let this time be an exceptional one, be it a chance to share some few words with anyone reading, if at all 😉

Some words about me: I don’t understand myself, I find it difficult to describe me, for I am both loud and quiet; outgoing and reserved; Easy to get upset at the same time difficult to get angry; I am fully predictable at the same time no one can predict what I do; I am both self reliant and insecure to the core; I see goodness and love in everything yet I see evil is present inevitably everywhere; I know it is not best to trust anyone yet I trust everyone; I am strong and proud at the same time weak and vulnerable; I have a complex mind that makes things easier for me; At last I like to be left alone but I hate loneliness. I often feel like I don’t fit in in wherever I go; I am the contradiction.

Felt a light dizziness? Keep reading..

At this point, I must thank all of my friends here for being with me, for tolerating my nonsense, for laughing with me, making me laugh, pulling my leg whenever I write a story and for guiding me during my worst. I am never a believer of online friendships until I came to **. You knowingly or unknowingly made an impact to me you are probably not aware of and I cherish you all for my life time

Sometimes I might have not returned your messages, I could have been silly to your feelings, I could have acted like a crazy bitch. I might have not given you a proper response or made you feel bad, I place my sincere apologies for every mess I might have caused in you. For I still feel like a little girl who doesn’t understand her own thoughts and still searching for a meaning for the part she is playing in her life. Blame me, I am still learning. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

I believe everybody is a special person in their own way. I am really blessed to have some special people come into my life.Those who have seen the real me, insane me and still opted to stay with me, those who have been the pillar of support during my breaking time, those that always make me smile no matter what mood I have been in, those that contradict with my opinion and making me see the other side, I just want to say I love you all. You mean a lot to me, that I can’t put into mere words. And those in my circle that have not interacted with me much, I am waiting to know more about you and hopefully for a good friendship.


*As it is obvious, it is another copy paste story from my online accounts, I just edited or removed some parts of this story so as to make the hidden stay hidden. But this story is close to my heart in many ways. Let it be an intro on this place also 🙂

*Written on December 18, 2012


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