In a sleepless night..


I think about how this world is broadly divided into two domains: good and bad, black and white, Light and dark, normal and weird. We praise the good, we heed to the Light, and we think we are normal. We all need the existence of evil and dark to make us feel good. What would happen to good if there exists no bad? Who can call you good if everybody does the same thing like one another? We need to point out that one person who is deviant from others so that the rest of all can be satisfied saying, ‘Oh look at that weird man, he is bad!’ We are normal, we are good people.

Is black and white what the world is all about? We took this to an altogether different dimension,  God(s) and demon(s). Since this post is mostly in favor of my liking for darkness, let’s leave the devil to rest and prod the God for sometimes.

God. God is almighty. God is Omnipresent. But what really is omnipresent in the universe? Apart from all the stars, planets, asteroids and other floating celestial bodies, the universe is just a dark space. Infinite nothingness. An Indefinite Dark Vacuum. If we associate God with Light and Evilness with Dark, can we say universe is full of Evil? Or devils as omnipresent?

Scary isn’t it?

If we go even deeper, we will know that Good and Evil are just the same. We made one part of the Universe to be Good, another to be Evil. We needed a candle of hope to thrive on, something to get a hold of, to lead a comforting life while we transfer our day today responsibilities to that God. We created God, now that we got something to blame on when things are not working in our way. We created an equal and beasty evil spirit which would oppose God, which would eventually fail at the end (as exactly designed by us, humans) as believed by many, making God the Ultimate power.

This post is not going to be on the debate about the existence of God. I am not challenging the credibility of any religion but I just don’t want to accept everything every religious stuff say. I can comfortably believe in one Supreme power beyond ours which is neither good nor bad. I name it, the cosmic energy. It is an abstract concept. Neither its birth nor its complete power can be known or studied by anyone.

I spent an hour of my last night under the starclad sky. It has been a long time, so when I got the chance I grabbed it and decided to spend some time with the starry night, with myself.  For some, midnight sky is the paradise of beauty and serenity. For others it is the free space of haunted souls and spirits. I stared at the night sky, the moon, the gloomy clouds masking a thin shadow over moon as if it is jealous of its bright light and trying to conceal it, the shadows of coconut trees, the mountains far away standing like a huge monster above the ground, some birds flying back reaching for wherever they belong. Far away from the city lights, ever moving wheels on the tar road, people who dream about plucking money from trees in their sleep. I feel vulnerable in the light. This darkness comforts me saying this is where I belong to. I looked up again. I wished my soul would melt, embrace the bliss and be a part of that nothing that lasts forever (perhaps this is what the ancestors referred as freeing from birth cycle?) I felt like those stars shining above my head are mocking at me because they know a secret which I am craving for all these years. One day I might be able to.., or not!

If I cannot be that one star who can tease the human race, I will be a spirit and haunt you all in your dreams as you switch off your bedroom lights tonight. I could slip into that darkness with such an ease and lay my cold hands on your poor souls. I heard human blood is hot. Hehehe don’t think much, just playing around. I wish all of you a peaceful night tonight ^^


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