Light Breezes

The Yin and Yang.

Recently there have been a lot of misconceptions surrounding the word ‘feminism’. When asked ‘Are you feminist?’, Women starts telling ‘I am not really a feminist but…’ as if being a feminist is a very bad example. Recent examples: Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and a number of other female celebrities. From when did the word feminism begin to indicate such a wrong implication? Why do most young women shudder and back off on hearing this word?

Most people assume feminists are the arrogant types of women who feel the need to stand out and raise a flag even when the waiter served food to a man first and file a complaint it is10 degree hotter than hers. She is a misandrist and could take a straight 3 hour seminar about how women are superior to men and how she is the right example of that.

In reality, The word Feminism should remind us of those brave French women who initiated the fight for the right to vote for women at the period where the whole world considered the women as passive citizens. Think about the resolve of a normal middle classed girl Muthulakshmi Reddy to be the first woman medical graduate of India in the early 1900s when it is unheard of for the girls even to go to school.

All hell broke loose only when the self proclaimed feminists began to form a wrong notion about this word and began placing excessive demands with the basis that men and women must be treated equal. How come men and women can ever be treated equal?

Men are physically stronger than women. There are specific works which can toll a woman’s energy quicker than man’s. (I hope no one would try to jump in and say ‘I know this woman who could lift a little elephant with a single hand blah blah, no I am talking about the generalizations, not the exceptions). Women are generally more patient and tolerant than men. It is pretty obvious that the number of women working in educational and nurturing jobs is higher than men.

But if say a certain man tends to be more patient, soft and caring towards the others around him, can it be said he is not man enough? So this woman who brought a gold medal to your country in wrestling is physically fitter than most men in your country, can we ban her from the rest of the country’s women? She is, on the contrary, is being praised as the most prestigious woman of your country.

Just because a woman is staying at home and looking after her kids does not mean that she is not a feminist and she should abide any man by default. A feminist strives to achieve for the balance, she stands for the women’s natural rights.

If we break down this gender roles and differences in an individual level, no two persons no matter male or female can be said that they are the same. Each human is unique and a mix of both masculine and feminine sparks. The Yin and Yang. Two completely opposite energies present in the nature.

If men and women are not same anymore why do we need equal rights then? There must be different rights for men and women, right? Again this is another completely wrong assumption many people have towards feminists. But the real fact is that, we don’t strive for the equality from the society but we need ‘equity’.

If we start to bring the subject of superiority and inferiority within the gender roles which represent Yin and Yang forces, that would collapse the whole equilibrium of the Yin and Yang nature. For me, sexists – who ‘discriminate’ people based on their gender, are no different than the racists who think that one race is superior to the other from their peanut sized brains.


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