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My First Great Office Robbery

Before coming to a decision that I am a burglar writing a blog post of his/her adventures, I would suggest you to read the remaining part of this post (anyways you visited my page and now you as well brush up your tolerance level!!!)

I am writing this post in response to Weekly Writing Challenge-lunch posts.
Another day at the office – is probably the most boring way to start a post. Some would drift away closing the tab with instant sulkiness, some may decide to read further just for the comfort/sympathy of knowing fellow person sharing their part of pain.

One of the greatest challenges I face working with a small member team is being seated near an extremely large team which is more than 5 times larger than us. It’s like a Big Boss, stealing all the lime light while we look like one of the soap operas house wives watch regularly. Hello, even we have a loyal set of audience buddy! But the problem is while you are just sitting and doing your job like any other sincere employee, it might appear as if you were eating fried finger chips near a place being attacked by Tsunami. The Big boss team was overflowing with clashes and dashes of people and always in uproar.

We are still in the phase of Knowledge transfer with another organization while the Big Boss has already shot their performance in live and shaking the TRP rates. For some mysterious reasons, our company which gets projects for billions of dollars, decided they should not provide enough IP phones for employees taking regular calls. To make things worse, my only colleague in my team decided to work from home making me as the only member of the team(?) in the Office. My daily job at the start of the is to be a solo warrior battling with groups of warriors of the Big Boss team to get an IP phone for the day’s calls. Those Big Boss warrior teams help each other but they are not very jovial with my Soap Opera. Clueless, I should have to beg for other options which if I have to explain would need a separate post (no no don’t cry, I am not doing that 😮 )

I decided to do something which is totally out of my set of morals.


First let me tell you I had no other option. Initially I refused to my colleagues who gave me that idea. At least I should have to ask permission before taking a phone from an absentee’s cubicle. If you are to ask permission, you are never going to get it and it does not come under stealing – they argued. And when I took that phone from ‘that marked’ cubicle I made sure I keep that phone in place the next day. Well the cubicle was empty the next day too. I thanked God. But the dreadful day came the next day.

I heard a voice arising from that cubicle.

 The good girl conscience inside me made me to walk towards its source,

‘Hi! I am sorry but I was just using your IP phone for the last two days while you were away’

‘What? But I have my IP phone, Whose phone were you using then?’, he pointed to a new IP phone connected at his desk


A foolish thief who just blurted out his last night’s burglary to the Police Officer – my situation.

‘Umm well, yup, I took your phone, I am using it now, but I am not sure about the phone you have at your desk’.

‘If you are using that phone, do keep it back in the place, these phones are in much demand and one should not use it without proper permission’

‘Ah sure but I wasn’t aware of this early (!) I will place it back at the End of the day after my calls are finished, okay?’

I smiled, walked to my seat and continued with my daily calls and tasks.

Should I return the phone?

Of course, I am not going to do that. I am erasing the part of my brain which promised to replace the phone at the End of the day. I do need to complete my calls this week and till then, I am not ready to start begging for coins after losing my Jackpot. Maybe after this week I can raise a formal request and wait for the formal procedure which they never take action. Not this week baby!

I believe my fellow soap opera members would help me out if someone lodged a ‘Great Robbery of IP phone’ against my name. But yeah, I am the first time thief of this week until I have this phone at my desk.


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