Where is your serenity?

8pm. I was a bit exhausted as I was waiting for the train to go back home from a rather tiring day in the office. An old woman nearby attracted my attention by yelling at the young man who floundered her bags leaving its belongings scattered. The young man was too hurried to apologize. A sudden rage at him and a slight hesitation before I bent down to help her, an old man in ragged cloths was running struggling with two plastic cups in his hands. ‘Wait just hold this one dear, let me put them back’. He delievered one cup of tea in her hand as he packed their bags pack. She seemed to be calmed down. He sat close to her in the pavement. They started talking in whispers sipping their tea as they waited for the train. They appeared to be the happiest couple in the world. A sudden wave of miserableness swept over me. What am I doing standing drenched with sweat and no time to sit back and enjoy things I used to love once? Feeling of despair crept over. The sound of the train presented a distraction I hoped for. I found a window seat, headsets on, world off. I did not get down at my station. I am going to my granny’s house. Its been a month since I visited them and I miss them. I know they are the only people at that time who can tear apart my sudden state of despair and give me comfort.


In response to the Writing Challenge, Flash Fiction 🙂


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