Light Breezes

Seasons, Oh!

Being from a region which is near to the Equator has its own pluses and minuses. If someone says they get depressed in winter, they might get weird looks.Having to live under the direct scrutiny of Sun for most of the year, We gotta love the rain and fog. Hah thinking about seasons and weathers makes me happy 🙂

  • I honestly hate summer. I do not love the way it makes me frightened by the mere thought of going outside. And I absolutely do not like frying myself walking under the sun, sorry. That is the true Chennai-tian in me speaking. The climate here is either Hot summer or extreme hot summer, sadly. Best tip: Rely on coconut water, palm fruits (colloquially ice apple, yummy :D), water melons if you dont want your intestines boil out of heat. Yep I belong to the land of the unconditional love from Mr. Hot Sun!
  • Having said that, it is obvious our people love the monsoon rain! Provided Mr.Rain brings the school kids a bulk of holidays yay. I still remember my school days where I woke up in the face of local TV news every morning during rainy season hoping they’d announce a holiday. Well on the downside, wet floors, the roads flowing with the muddy water attracting various kind of diseases and impossibility of going outside without dipping our foot on them.
  • Mmm, Winter does affect me though. Curling up inside the home and never wanting to leave the bed. It is a neat lovely season if everybody is on some kind of vacation maybe. I can have a hot coffee in one hand, look through the window and play with the greatest philosophies of the world in my mind. And later on, I could stare at the ceilings with feelings all day. Unfortunately the society and its schools or offices doesnt understand my feelings. Bubbye my sweet bed, I’ll miss you all day 😦
  • I kind of dont have an opinion on Spring. Yes, flowers bloom, everything looks green and happy and stuff. But it comes along with summer and its just another summer day for me. Enough said!
  • And lastly my favourite season Autumn ❤ My ideal kind of the day, where it is neither hot nor cold, just that perfect warmth. A light wind and all those leaves on the ground, it seems that the Mother Nature is welcoming me while walking down the streets. Stomping on every patch of dry leaves I find, and giggling for the sounds it makes will always be the first on my to-do list the whole season. Some may not like the way how the trees looks dry, branches empty but for me its the sign of revival. Its the time which signifies the need to get rid of the past wieghing us down and turn to the future optimistically. The leaves fall and thats not the end of their story. It is an inspiration that is highly contagious.
  • The one thing I might miss here in my land is the snowfall. Never seen a snowfall in my entire life. How do you feel, Mr.Snowfall? Cold? Do you melt in my palms when I touch you? Can I build a snowman if you please? I would so like to see those white flowers of sky falling around me. Soon baby, soon 😉

With Lots of Dreams,
Vin ^_^      




6 thoughts on “Seasons, Oh!

  1. I’m from Ireland and we lived in Spain for eight years and I hated the summers while we were there. It was way too hot for me with four months of intense heat and the only time I opened the blinds was a night. The neighbours must have thought we were vampires. I loved the autumn when I could once again take nice long walks without feeling on the verge of collapse, I think I suffered mild depression in the summer due to me staying indoors and away from the sun. I always felt much better in the winter.

    1. My family and friends stamped me as the ghost of the nights as I refuse to come out during day times in Summer but loved taking long walks in the night times. Guess I am a bit sensitive to heat and it had a depressing effect on me too. Now there is no way to escape from Indian Summer other than fleeing 😀

  2. Oie Ms.Vin!!! Being a Chennai-tian do we ever get a chance to visit autumn. The autumn that we have is more like extended summer parched in the anticipation of monsoon..

    1. Haha.. Right said that most of the days in spring and autumn are the extensions of summer for us. Lets just say that some of the days in July/August/September to be the Indian Autumn with the consent of light breezes 😀

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