From a flooded city

Most of us watch the news, whether overrated or downplayed, we see the cruelties and injustices this world has to offer, feels sorry for a moment and carry on with our life. The more you come across such news, the more desensitized you become. So when will we ever feel the empathy? When it happens to us, when our closed ones are suffering, when our acquaintances are affected, when it is something we are emotionally attached to/relate to. If you are not moved by it, I bet you have a heart made of steel… Or rubber.

Of course the realization ever happens if you are at a receiving end of some tragedy. November was not a nice month to the city I live in. We had to endure the wrath of rainclouds that turned our life upside down. December decided to continue the legacy of  what November left. While world leaders debated about the climatic change in Paris, our south Indian city Chennai faced the reality of it in the form of worst downpour of rains in a century leaving many of its people stranded without food and shelter. Death toll is crossing 200. So many hands reached out to help keeping the humanity alive. Still the responses of different kinds of people amaze me.


Some genuinely care, volunteer themselves put themselves on ground and help people. Others deeply care too but tied down to their personal responsibilities, they shed a tear wishing things to be alright soon, keep them in prayers and move on. Some don’t know what to do and how to react. I appreciate people who help, who want to help but can’t, from the bottom of my heart for the concern they show. I’m overwhelmed by the goodness some people possess. And then there are some more breeds of people too.

Selective caring

These people react only when Paris is under attack or USA is on fire, even though they are 10000 miles apart and literally knows nothing other than the name of the place. Ask them about the riot that is happening in their own country that killed 100 people, and they’d roll their eyes. Probably they happened to watch some international news and thought it’d be cool to cry for a great cause. Their mode of help is very interesting too. They change their facebook profile picture, post some angry rant on how to murder the people responsible for it, etc. They obviously know the news everyone cares about, now they gotta show it off. Harmless.

Attention seeking

These people are available in plenty. They know about local, national, international news. They regularly post updates, emotional messages, pledge to jump into action anytime their help is needed. Then switch off their phone and sleep well. Their mission ended. In a way, they come under the tag that our very human nature is attention seeking by nature and there is not much harm in them too.


They don’t bother if a meteor crashed a huge town or a lightning struck their neighbour’s house. A Simpleton is happy, carefree until a fly fell into their coffee cup. Then all hell breaks lose. I understand that you cannot cry 24/7 for all mishaps, you have no words of support on backup. How about shutting your mouth and watching your favorite show instead of opening it and letting the stupidity flow everywhere? Stupidity does hurt. They see you suffer, care enough to ask ‘what’s up?’, you tell them every account of a terrible event to hear them respond with one word ‘sad’. Yeah that’s okay, I can deal with this. Then they ask you ‘hey what else is interesting in your life other than this disaster you describe of?’ me: *speechless*

Then they’d happen to see some news and suddenly change to ‘selective caring’. Not sure if they had their heads in clouds while talking to me and a sudden enlightenment from another cloud struck them after seeing the outcry.

They are not that harmless too, except when you think through and realize that you wasted your 30 minutes worth of braincells talking to them. Not a great harm still.

Really dangerous breed is this one
These kind decides to flaunt their sense of humor by a sick witty joke (there is a difference between art of entertainment/laughter and making fun of others’ misery),
share their new discovery of infinite wisdom that the world suffers because people did not worship their God. They gotta suffer. Laud.

In a retrospect, I don’t blame anyone at all. Their brains can’t comprehend anything other than celebrity news, or house flies falling in their coffee cup, or things beyond their shell of belief. Something like physically-challenged and mentally-challenged. They must be Empathy-challenged. I only wish they keep their opinions to themselves. And stop vocalizing their insensitive comments. You are humiliating others misery just because you can’t interpret it with your brain. Sometimes words can do more damage than you can think of. No one forces you to help. Sadly there is no medal of honor distributed for who cries the most either. You’ll do a great service to everyone of us if you keep your mouth shut.



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